• Daniel K White

Empowering Poetry #1

Alright, yo… holding it blessed like the best enchanted like the lantern inside of me gifted returning to the land in which I burn, hold up my hand, I got on palm pilot, cruise control, hold it set a goal, mind light ignite engine burn bright gasoline guzzle like a fiend, you know what I mean always on always clean zero emission with your permission I whisper until I hear you answer, give me clearance to pass through walls like jasper, held you captive in the magic like a spell caster, yes sir, elixir sipper, drum beat remixer, can’t stop gotta tip her for making my soul stir, yes my magic wand is yours m-lady, extend and embellish me with wisdom, glorify me and exalt in my poetry, forever yours my majesty, at your service with the words of a whirling dervish, truly yours, yes, I slur over furs and foggy membranes enlighten the minds of men did I mention I maintain social distance with the gravity of a billion galaxies combined in one orchestral symphony? You can’t miss me, a mystic misfit with a mission of uplift person by person lest the situation worsen, you are mine by virtue of this seed enchanted that I planted in your consciousness are you conscious of the witness or just flowing by and by playing the fools game of those who came with switchblade held to the throat of mother earth goddess, tara, gaia, Astarte, diana, start today, feel me inside of ya, can’t stop won’t stop got the number game on lock, numerology like 0137 from heaven I descended and pretended to be what I am now requiem for a dream as I return to Elohim, with a gleam in my eye and glint on my steel, forever real when I revel and reveal with sharpened edge I slice through straight to the ledge I stand upon this whisper of a matrix majestic, fantastic and never plastic, falling into place like tetris, self-organizing auto-poetic, a peon in an empire on fire, firing forth from my bow a volley of ecstasy, ill be the next best one to be hip-hoppin on the spot like I forgot how to stop, and now the throttle going full on within the system, try to resist em and re-enter the matrix engage on stage and parade with all the luminosity of a mage, you see if you read my page, echo out my origin and begin again and again renewal continual never stopping, never, not even for oxygen, I breathe spirit from the other side where appearances disappear into clearance sales of millionaires without any cares, the thoroughfare of the mid-level bareback horse rider, darkness gather in the ether, forever yours my teacher, if I can I will reach her, beseech me to speak to her, with all the honesty of a penguin with egg afoot, what I am goes kaput when I’m in range of your foot, bowing down kissing toes, streaming tears of prose, ordered in rows, marching orders granted in the throes of passion ecstasy, excellent like the jester of the majesty, magistrate, hella fate that I live straight high diddle diddle right up the middle way of Yahweh like the Buddha and my sensei, bow before I kick and chop the lock, look I don’t need a glock, I fire from heaven and rise like the bread that did leaven, calling on angels to free us from nine eleven, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Rafael, Metaron, Pachamama, honestly yours eagerly in line of sight like Horus grant me the words to fight, with blade alit I relight the light within the moment on so let’s begin, no more sin I only grin, and pin the tail to the donkey, zebra stripe black and white in the middle I dwell between form and heaven and hell , my soul I never sell, but give of it freely like the combustion of the sun, there’s no question, I was born to run, born to burn, born by my will to be me and echo out in ecstasy. Never ending love in God’s embassy, call me an emissary to represent the highest gifted flyest, the eternal one within and without, no more doubt, whatever you wanna call it, the one who calls it, the one who spoke it and awoke it, the universe taking bloom out the seed of potential, the hollow reed I breathe through, the heart that bleeds true, and still I can’t tell if this is heaven or hell, or why I fell, I only know now that I crawl out the crater with a greater story to tell, raise my voice with the force of the vortex, dancing among the illusions that I project, my inner child I was born to protect, grow up grow old and die, at least at the end I will lie and lay in rest, knowing I did my best to get it all of my chest, lest I repress the light and let the fruit go to blight, cleanse me of my erroneous ways so that I may always be right, never in question, not one ounce of suspicion that I’m holding anything against you anytime anywhere, always here to avail you of the love that sets sail on this ocean of wisdom, you are the kingdom of heaven born true, always new, so what are you to do? I pass off the puff, that’s enough, I like it rough but prefer to groove smooth with liquid in my veins, quid pro quo I share the gains, a million monarch butterflies growing free from my pains.

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